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How to choose your hardware sizes

International standard sizing for handbag rings is based on the inner measurement of the ring. This is where your webbing/handle will run through. The external measurement of a ring is variable due to the thickness of the metal which is why the inner measurement is used to determine the technical size of a ring.

Buying guide
38mm Rectangle ring – Antique Brass

To decide which ring you will require, simply measure the width of your finished webbing/handle, if this is 25mm / 1 inch you will require a 25mm / 1 inch ring. When it comes to O rings you have the ability to select a larger ring, eg. 32mm / 1.1/4 inch in this case, as the O will carry a smaller webbing width and still look wonderful. When it comes to rectangle/triangle rings and slides you are best to select the ring that most accurately reflects the width of your webbing/handle.

If you’re using a pattern, you’ll notice that the designer will recommend a ring size, eg. 38mm / 1.1/2″ when this occurs you can confidently choose a 38mm / 1.1/2 inch ring from our range knowing that your fabulous designer has already planned the perfect size and thanks to international standards you know it will work. Sometimes you will come across a pattern that doesn’t use standard sizing measurements, if this is the case use the closest size available. If for instance they refer to a 40mm ring you would choose a 38mm ring as it’s better to have a slightly firmer ring than a loose one especially if it’s a slide or rectangle ring. Again O rings you can get away with so much, they are marvelous!

The range of international ring sizes floats between 12mm and 50mm and increases in increments as follows:

12mm / 1/2 inch

16mm / 5/8 inch

20mm / 3/4 inch

25mm / 1 inch

32mm / 1.1/4 inch

38mm / 1.5 inch

50mm / 2 inch

Eyelets, grommets, swivels, strap anchors, all refer to an inner measurement/diameter. You will notice that all our listing have in their descriptor the full measurements which will assist with your decisions. If however you need any further information please send through an enquiry, we’re always happy to help.

Happy Sewing!

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