Swivel Snap Hook Tassel

How to make a Tassel using a Swivel Snap Hook

This Tassel is super quick to make and due to its sturdy nature it can be used as an alternative wristlet/pouch strap.  

What you need

Tools needed
  • 1 x 25mm / 1” Swivel Snap Hook
  • 2 X 25mm / 1” x 23cm / 9” lengths of leather
  • 1 x 25mm / 1″ x 13cm / 5” piece of leather with curved ends
  • 2 x Chicago screws or Rivets shank length will vary depending on leather thickness however a minimum of 5mm / 3/16″ Chicago screw shank or 8mm / 5/16″ rivet shank is recommended
  • Roll of Double Sided Tape (DST) and craft glue eg. Hemline Fabric Craft and general adhesive or Tiger Grip (You can just use glue if you don’t have DST)
  • Hammer
  • Hole Punch
  • Old chopping board or similar work space to hammer on.
  • Marking pen (I used a silver marker pen from Officeworks)
  • Scissors suitable for cutting leather strips
  • Bulldog Clip or Wonderclip

Step 1

Thread one long length of leather through the swivel base, matching the short ends together so it is an even length on both sides.

Step 1

Flip up one side of the leather and place a small strip of DST close to the swivel base. Fold the leather back down onto itself to secure in place.

Step 1b

Step 2

Thread the second long length of leather through the swivel base and over the top of the first strip of leather.

Make sure it’s even on both sides.

Use DST close to the top fold on the underside of the second strip to secure in place

Step 2

Step 3

If you’re really confident with your hole punch skills you can leave this to last however I’m using quite thick leather and I don’t want crooked holes so I am doing it in sections to make it easier.

Using a ruler and marking pen, mark where you would like your Chicago screws/Rivet to go.

Step 3

Using a whole punch that will suit your screw/rivet shank width and a hammer (on a safe hammer surface) punch through your marked holes.

Step 3b

Step 4

Thread the final section of curved leather through the swivel base and over all layers of the leather. Match the lengths evenly on each side and place on your work surface. Flip one side of the short layer up to reveal the holes punched in Step 3.

Use your marking pen through the holes to mark the opposite side of the short leather, then flip over and repeat on the other side to create your matching hole punch marks.

Remove the short leather strip and punch out your marked holes.

Step 5

Return the short leather strip back into place making sure the holes all line up.

On the underside of the top leather strip run a line of glue between the punch holes and flip the leather strip back into place, repeat on the other side, again make sure all the punch holes line up.

Step 5

Hold in place using bulldog or wonderclips.

Thread your Chicago screws through or insert and compress your rivets to secure.

Step 5b

Step 6

Hold the middle leather strip apart from the base and top sections and cut thin strips up the length to create your tassel.

Step 6

Leave to dry and you’re done! Congratulations!!


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