Creating a chain strap with a 12mm leather/vinyl/cork contrast panel

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What you need:

  1 x 1 inch / 25mm wide x 12 inches / 30cm length of non-woven material eg. Leather, Vinyl, cork.

 Your panel length is determined by the final length you’d like your contrast panel to be multiplied x 2. In this example I wanted a vinyl panel with a finished length of 6 inches / 15cm. As a result my vinyl length was 1 inch / 25mm wide x 12 inches / 30cm – twice the length of my finished panel.

 Double sided tape (DST) – alternative to DST strong glue (tiger grip, HT2, hemline adhesive) – allow drying time between steps if using glue.

 12mm D rings x 4 (or only 2 if you’re attaching the chain direct to purse frame or swivel alternatives)

 2 x 50cm / ½ yard chain lengths

 Pliers for opening and closing chain links

 Step 1

 Wrong side facing up – Place a strip of Double Sided Tape (DST) along the centre length of your panel


Step 2

 Fold one long edge into the centre attaching to the DST as you go. (note: you will only use half the width of the DST as the other half is needed for the remaining long edge)

 Repeat for the other side ending up with a single panel ½” / 12mm x 12 inches / 30cm

Step 3

  Place a D ring on each end of the leather panel with the straight edge of the D against the wrong side (folded side) of your panel. Locate the mid-point by folding each short end to meet at the centre and place the D’s at each fold point to mark the final length of your panel.


Step 4

 Between the 2 D’s place a length of DST down the centre line.


Step 5

 Fold each end into the centre securing onto the DST, make sure the sides align with each other.


Step 6

 Edge stitch around your panel to secure everything into place


Step 7

 Open your chain link and attach to the D ring, repeat on each end of the strap panel.


The opposite end of your chain link will be attached to either a D ring, your purse frame chain keeper or a swivel depending upon your end vision for your project.

 You’re done! Congratulations!


Quick adjustment for different ring sizes.

 This technique can be used with larger D’s adjusting the width of your leather panel by simply multiplying the inner width of your D x 2. Eg. if you’d like a 1” / 25mm finished panel, you’d use a 2” / 50mm wide section of leather/vinyl/cork and fold each long edge into the centre creating a perfect 1” / 25mm section for your D.

 You can also very easily use this technique with O-rings. The O ring gives you a lot more freedom with your width measurements as they are the most adaptable ring available.

 As mentioned earlier, you can adjust the length of your panel in the same manner. Eg. If you’d like a finished panel of 25cm / 10 inches your starting panel length would be 50cm / 20 inches. Multiply the length you want x 2.



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