Australian Frame Glue Choices

This is an older article was posted on Facebook back in early 2017 when HT2 was no longer able to be imported into Australia due to it’s chemicals. The frame tabs attached to the below frame are still going strong which makes this article even more relevant today. We still can’t get HT2 into the country but we do have alternatives………

Glue tests

Some would be aware of the great HT2 drought of late 2016, when Gutermann replaced the incredible HT2 Creativ with the safe but ineffective HT2 Textil Glue, this was a dark day in the glue world. Yes you can purchase HT2 Textil Glue in Australia however it will NOT hold your purse to a frame, don’t use it for this, use it for applique, scrapbooking, attaching Duran Duran pictures to your diary but NOT on a frame!

There are no wholesalers for the true HT2 Creativ within Australia as it has an ingredient that is on the restricted list for our Government. You can bring in small amounts from UK and USA however this will be more difficult going forward, I’ve already had two shipments refused entry, which was very disappointing.


Onward and upwards though, to the test board we go. Research is one of the things I love to do, it’s a nerdy quality however it’s handy. I went through 10 different Fabric to Metal glues which are available in Australia and now have a very shortlist of excellence!!


  • Extraordinarily Strong hold – must do fabric to metal ie. Frame worthy
  • Clear drying
  • Workable while still in the drying phase
  • Affordable
  • Nozzle is a good size or flow size is good
  • Doesn’t have “causes cancer” warning labels on it
  • Relatively odourless – I am a very sensitive Asthmatic and a fabulous canary when it comes to smells and vapours
  • Available in Australia


Cotton webbing lengths inserted into purse frame, due to its porous structure and large weave it’s actually hard to glue for longevity, I could also give it a good yank every few days to see its still holding.

Test period was over 8 weeks and with stress testing conducted every 2nd day.

The Chosen Ones

Two glues stood out from the crowd, both a pleasant surprise! One was an old glue I used for many years prior to finding the golden child HT2 Creativ, the other was recommended by the amazing Lisa Lam of U-Handbag, and I was besotted when I saw it was available in Australia!

The Winners are…….

Hemline, Fabric, Craft General Adhesive and my old favourite Helmar Tiger Grip, and not just because it has a cool name and label.

Hemline Fabric, Craft, General Adhesive

Hemline Fabric, Craft, General Adhesive is the absolute closest you can get to the master HT2 Creativ. It is almost identical and if it was a blind test you’d say Hemline was HT2 on a cold day (even has the same triangle bumps on the top of the metal tube!).

Main differences

Glue Viscosity

Hemline is a slower flow, denser glue, so you do need a tooth pick handy to smooth out any clumping in the frame.

Nozzle Size

The nozzle is also about 1mm thicker, however this wasn’t a problem for a 4mm frame.


Although the tube size is pretty close, 30g for HT2 and 35g for Hemline, I actually don’t feel as though there is the same amount of glue in the Hemline, I would say you’d get a bit over half the amount of glue from the Hemline, however it’s also less than half the price.


Follow the instructions on the sheet inside the carton. I found the eternal hold was achieved when I did as I was told! Who would have thought!

For Frames, Rigid and Firm Materials

  • Apply thinly to both sides (frame and top edge of fabric)
  • Wait for it to be dry (15mins – only took 10mins in a Qld summer though)
  • Apply more to one side (I chose the frame side as it’s less messy) and join together immediately.
  • Cure time, I left for 24 hours as I do for HT2 and it’s still sticking like it wants to be there forever.
  • Cleans up well if it gets on frame or fabric – pick off once dry or use acetone nail polish (check scrap of fabric first)

Helmar Tiger Grip

This has been around for decades and on and off the market during that time. As mentioned I used it for commercial frame purposes for over a decade without any concerns or people returning unhappy their purse had fallen out of the frame (I switched to HT2 though because it is still the one to beat). I was thrilled to see that the Tiger has been relaunched with a new nozzle, still as thick as a sausage, but it’s got a finer tip which means it has a fabulous flow which can be directed easily into the frame.

This one goes on white but dries clear and is easy to apply. Simply flow the glue into the frame and insert purse. It does need a good 24-48 hours to cure though and I use what would be called an ample amount of glue in the frame.

The most wonderful thing about this glue is its non-toxic, has no smell and is water solvent. It’s an excellent glue if you have little ones around. Also did I mention its 125ml! Huge value for money.

Only downside is I don’t think it cleans up as well as the Helmar/HT2, it does tend to leave a light mark on the fabric if it over flows. However it washes off your hands really well with just soap and water.

Effective & safe it simply had to on my good to glue list!

I know this has been a massive read but I hope it’s been worthwhile. Naturally we’ll be stocking the two successful glues however I’m pleased to also say you can obtain them from most crafty stores. Rest assured that, whenever we can get it into the country, we’ll stock our beloved HT2. The public outcry in the UK and USA when Gutermann removed the HT2 Creativ was so great they have this year relaunched it again – sadly it’s still got that mystery ingredient, my passing thoughts on this, is that the mystery ingredient is what makes it less dense than the Hemline. We’ll never know…..

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