Zip Tab with built in Tassel!

I love this one! Just sayin’, my go to move when the side seam is already full of other fabulous embellishments. Enjoy!

Materials required

  • 1 x #5 zip at your desired length
  • 2 x fabric rectangles 5cm (2″) x 6.5cm (2.5″)
  • 1 x non-woven fabric (e.g. leather, cork, vinyl or pleather) 8cm (3 1/4″) x 1.2cm (1/2″)
  • 1 x 12mm (1/2″) D ring

Step 1

With your fabric rectangle wrong side up.

Fold each short end (5cm / 2”) in to meet at the centre and press.

Repeat with the remaining fabric rectangle – set aside

Step 2

Fold the 8cm x 1.2cm length of non-woven fabric in half, matching the two short ends and attach the D ring.

Using your zipper foot, stitch as close as possible to the base edge of the D ring to secure in place.

Step 3

Place one folded fabric rectangle on the table wrong side up.

Find the middle of the long edge.

With the zipper tape right side up, lift one of the fabric folds and centre the tape under the fold.

Place the fold back over the zipper tape creating a neat zip end.

Step 4

Place the D ring tab over the centre of the zipper teeth stopping 10 mm (3/8”) from the opposite side.

Step 5

Place the final folded fabric rectangle right side up over all layers and match the edges with the base rectangle.

Step 6

Pin in place through all layers – it is easy to keep everything neat if your pins travel down the side edge of the D ring tab and zipper tape.

Step 7

Stitch around the outer edge of your zip tab to secure in place.

Repeat on the other end of your zipper with or without the tassel tab and attach your zipper to your bag as per the instructions. Make sure that when you sew the side seams your D tab is pinned out of the way.

Once your bag is made simply attach a tassel to the D and you’re all done!

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