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New 50cm Double Zips!!

I have had a lot of questions over the past 12 months about attaching zip pulls and the challenges of making a perfect lined up double zip. So we’ve taken action and created one simple solution.

So excited to introduce our brand new zipper product, the 50cm nylon metal look, already made double zip!! Forget the fussing and there’s no more cussing! YAY!!

It’s a double zip or two single zips simply by cutting to your chosen length! One for the top of the bag and one for the zipper compartment.

Still the same genuine #5 size bag zipper and the same beautiful quality with double the convenience.

Did I mention we now have Bright Gold and Antique Brass (which I am just in love with as you know I’m an Ant/B fan)! So excited we can now match all our hardware colours.

Where do you find these gorgeous zips:

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